Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Search Engine Smackdown

Online marketer Neil Patel recently released a great search trivia flash game called Search Engine Smackdown.

In the game you can select famous characters from the world of search and have them duke it out in a battle royale cued by whether or not you answer trivia questions correctly.

Pit your favorite characters from the world of search against each other with none other than Danny Sullivan as the referee. Have you ever wanted to see Sergey tap a keg of whoop ass on Bill Gates (other than in search market share)? Well dream no more because Search Engine Smackdown can make that a reality.

This is a fun game and a clever little piece of link bait. Hey, he got two links out of me.

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Ryan Pham said...

Hey David,

Thanks for covering this game, made my day haha..