Friday, March 30, 2007

GameFly, Video Ads, and

I received an email from GameFly today about a partner deal they have worked out with The offer was a discount on my GameFly membership fees if I joined Brightspot. To earn discounts on my membership I would have to view a certain number of video ads and earn credits which would then be applied toward my bill.

The signup process is fairly invasive requiring you to fill out first & last name, zip, email, birth date, marital status, education level, and income I'm not one for handing out that level of detail about myself so naturally, I lied.

The videos are displayed through Flash with most navigational elements of the video section also done in Flash. The first commercial pre-loaded and offered a $.50 credit on my account. The commercial was for AIG insurance and after the commercial the site cued me with two questions about my current insurance situation. I lied again.

After completing the survey I was shown various logos representing other commercials I could watch. I chose Mc Donald's and watched a 1:01 minute clip. At the end of that clip there was a survey about what sports I liked. I didn't lie there as my conscious was starting to get to me.

In the end I watched all 5 of the videos currently listed on the site and got a whopping $2.50 credit on my GameFly account!

Like most incentive based ad networks I used it primarily for the incentive and will likely not be influenced by the advertisements. I'm not a huge fan of these types of ad networks for this very reason.

If you're a GameFly customer and you want to burn about 10 minutes you can get a quick credit on your account by using's rewards based ad site. If you're an advertiser on Brightspot make sure you follow your ROI very closely ;)

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