Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 Rules for Co-Hosting The Daily SearchCast with Danny Sullivan

I'm a huge fan of "The Daily SearchCast" with Danny Sullivan and would recommend it to anyone wanting to keep up to date on the world of search. Danny Sullivan is great, yet I must say that the co-hosts leave something to be desired. As such, I've decided to write up a few quick rules for co-hosting "The Daily SearchCast" with Danny Sullivan.

Co-Host Rules

1. Let Danny sigh. When Danny sighs it means he's frustrated with Digg or Belgian newspapers. Just ignore the sigh and let Danny vent before he explodes Peter Patrelli style.

2. Let Danny rant. Ranting is Danny's small way of trying to change the world of search. If you don't let Danny rant then all of Google's products will remain in beta and every website will require a login to view articles.

3. Let Danny sing. Danny's singing is why most of us listen to The Daily SearchCast in the first place. Without a catchy tune most SEOs would lose patience and stare longingly at the Page Rank meter in their Google toolbar.

4. Let Danny talk about his phone. Danny loves his new smart phone and wants to share stories about it with his loyal listeners. Find at least 3 opportunities to bring up mobile search so Danny can talk about his phone.

5. Don't talk over Danny. This is the most commonly ignored rule by co-hosts. Danny likes to talk, and when he brings up a subject he's going to give you his take on it. Don't talk over Danny when he's trying to make a point. Dave Naylor I'm looking in your direction.

6. Help Danny with the chat room. Multi-tasking is something operating systems do. Danny is too focused on kicking ass with search commentary to be responding to questions in the chat room. As co-host it's your job to field questions and bring up any interesting information.

7. Translate Danny's Britishisms. Danny lives in the UK now and as such his brain is slowly being taken over by British culture. Be at the ready to let listeners know what a swimming costume, boot, and kit are.

8. Let Danny "Go with it from there". At the end of most pieces of commentary Danny says "and we'll go with it from there". That is your cue to drop the topic and prepare yourself for the next rant or sigh.

9. Don't disagree with Danny. SEO may not be rocket science, but hosting The Daily SearchCast is. If Danny says something just assume that it's true and post a link to it in the chat room.

10. Let Danny get to dinner. Danny records The Daily SearchCast right before dinner time, and if the show goes long he'll be in trouble with Mrs. King of Search. Sum things up quickly when Danny's wife is IMing him or pay the price.

I hope these rules will help future co-hosts of The Daily SearchCast live up to the high levels of professionalism and quality that Danny delivers in every single episode. Keep up the good work.


The FightWorks Podcast said...

Great post David, but man, you stole my thunder! I was compiling stats on your Number 8, about Danny's overuse of ending sentences with "...from there". For example:

"...and you can go with it from there"


"everyone can go check it out from there".

Here's what I have:

Date and Count
02/12/2007 2
02/13/2007 8
02/14/2007 2
02/26/2007 6
02/27/2007 0
03/05/2007 6
03/12/2007 9
03/14/2007 2
03/19/2007 3
03/26/2007 5
03/27/2006 3

Average = 4.18 "From there"s per show

I know it's pretty weird to count this sort of thing. Perhaps it's a symptom of OCD on the way.

I was looking forward to creating a Digg style title like "4.18 ways to be "There" with Danny Sullivan". Okay, so maybe that's pushing it :-)

Im Not a Doctor said...

Awesome Post Dave.

You really need to get our of Danny's head.