Monday, March 26, 2007

MS Live Link Command Broken or am I just Banned?

Not sure if this is a problem with MS Live or if my IP is just banned, but all "link:" commands are coming up blank today at MS Live. Regular searches and "site:" searches work so it's pretty much just the "link:" command which is serving up blank pages.

This has pretty much been happening all day so I don't think it's a momentary glitch. I do a "link:" search every other day or so for various reasons, so I'd be really surprised if I were banned. Of course "link:" searches are the only kind of search I do on MS Live so I couldn't blame them if they did ban me ;)

#As I'm writing this I jumped over to WebmasterWorld to see people already talking about this. Guess it is a site wide issue. I hope they fix it quick. MS Live needs all the traffic they can get ;)#