Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Quality Score and Ad Creative

Greg Meyers recently posted an article on "Google Quality Score Myths" on his blog In the article he said that "what really effects quality score at the Ad/Creative level is any change made to the landing page of a Destination URL field."

In my blog post Optimizing for Quality Score Based Ad Ranking I claimed that changing any part of your ad creative would re-set your performance history. This was based on advice I had received from Google in the past.

Apparently this is not the case any more.

Quality score history is of course just tied to keywords and not to ad creative.

Changing your ad creative may change your quality score on the keyword level as click through rates, etc. change with the new ad creative.

Any changes in quality score will effect your ad's ranking (min bid) in a short amount of time, but any historical factors used to determine quality score are tied solely to keywords. In short, changing ad creative will not change any historical factors related to your quality score.

It still may be a good idea to leave a static ad in your ad groups to combat problems with updating ad creative and dealing with editorial review, but in so far as retaining your performance history there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks to Greg for posting about this and forcing me to review this issue again. It's always great to revisit something and learn something new.

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