Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SideReel Entertainment Search Engine

A business acquaintance of mine, Bart Myers formerly of GUBA, has launched a new editable entertainment search engine called SideReel.

SideReel is a Wiki type search engine which allows users to edit search results (more specifically the particular page about a topic) including updating broken links, episode descriptions, and cast lists. In Bart's email announcement about the new service he writes "SideReel is a user-editable index. If you find a link that is broken, incorrect information or just want to add something, you can – just click on the Edit icon on most pages. It's like Wikipedia, IMDb and on-demand TV all-in-one".

There are also links available through the search engine to full episodes of your favorite shows hosted at various places around the web.

I ran a search for "Heroes" (greatest show ever) and saw just one search result, but the end page (hosted on SideReel Wiki style) gave a complete description, cast list, crew list, similar shows, additional links (fan sites, etc.), episode guide, and links to NBC where you can watch past episodes.

I personally use episode guides quite often, so for me SideReel will be a good place to go for that. I'm not much for watching TV shows on my PC, but if you do SideReel is a good all in one place to get what you're looking for. Currently there is no advertising on the site so it's a nice clean look.

I didn't see any documentation on how they plan to handle spam edits on their listings and none of the links on the editable results pages have "nofollow". SideReel also doesn't require a user name to edit results so I could see where some link spammers might take advantage of this.

All in all, though I was very pleased with the site.

Congratulations Bart on the launch of your new service and good luck!

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Bart said...

Excellent comments David.

Yes, we'll be adding usernames soon which will allow for users to associate themselves with their changes. In the meantime, however, we track the history of every page - so any change can be reverted with one click. For example the Heroes page ( has a corresponding list of its history here (